• 2013/2014

    NOVEMBER 2016

    First broadcast 'silent alarm 110 - landscape of march' on November 27th, 8.15 pm on ARD.

    Soloist: David Riniker (cellist Berliner Philharmoniker)

    JUNE 2016

    Music for 'Polizeiruf 110 - Meuffels Schuld' directed by Hermine Huntgeburth 

    MAY 2016

    Film scoring workshop within the inetrantional festival 'klingt gut!' in collaboration with AES 



    APRIL 2016

    First broadcast 'Tatort - die Geschichte vom bösen Friederich'' (directed by Hermine Huntgeburth) on April 10th, 8.15 pm on ARD.

    The music was recorded by the 'Hessisches Rundfunksinfonieorchester'. It was the first time, the orchestra recorded an original composed soundtrack.


    The newspaper wrote on the front page of 'Berliner Zeitung'


    and 'der Spielgel'


    MARCH 2016

    Live Recording for the radio broadcast 'Das Musikmagazin, Klanginsel 'Berliner Philharmoniker'

    (Cello: David Riniker, member of the Berlin Philharmonics, Piano: Christine Aufderhaar), 22.03.2016 SWR2

    FEBRUARY 2016

    Member of the jury of the 'Harpa Award'. Ceremony within the 66th Berlinale.


    JAUARY 2016

    Recording the soundtrack to the film 'Tatort - vom bösen Friedrich'   (directed by Hermine Huntgeburth, music by Christine Aufderhaar) with the 'Hessischer Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchester' 

    OCTOBER 2015

    Member of the jury of the 'German Film Music Prize' 


    JUNE 2015

    Music for 'Tatort - die Geschichte vom bösen Friedrich' directed by Hermine Huntgeburth, HR

    MAI 2015

    Concert of the piano piece 'second movement' within the festival 'the other contemporary music'

    Mai 26th, 20pm, Festsaal Weinsberg.

    MARCH 2015

    Music for the theatre production 'motherland', directed by Elisabeth Augustin.

    Premiere on March 18th, Kosmos Theatre, Vienna.


    Call as honorary member of 'forum filmmusic'.



    NOVEMBER 2014

    repeated broadcast 'prisoner of love' (written and directed by Ulla Wagner), on Saturday, Dec. 27th, 2:55h on NDR.

    The film run in the competition at Montréal, Barbara Sukowa was awarded as best actress. 

    Soundtrack available 


    soundtrack 'Bella Block - für immer und immer' (trumpet Gabor Tarkoevi) is available 


    first broadcast 'Bella Block - für immer und immer' (directed by Christian von Castelberg) on Nov. 22th, 8.15 pm on ZDF

    first broadcast 'Tatort - Vielleicht' (written and directed by Klaus Krämer) on November 16th, 8.15pm on ARD

    OCTOBER 2014

    Nomination 'Rolf Hans Mueller Preis'. 

    Film Festival Hamburg: Premiere 'Bella Block - für immer und immer' (directed by Christian von Castelberg), on October 1st, 21 pm

    JULY - AUGUST 2014

    Composition 'Tatort - Vielleicht', written and directed by Klaus Krämer

    APRIL 2014

    member of the 'Academy of German Music Authors'

    APRIL 2014

    Holding a masterclass within the AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention

    JANUARY - MARCH 2014

    Composition 'Bella Block - Ungelöst', directed by Christian von Castelberg

    OCTOBER 2013

    'Bella Block - Angeklagt' (co-written and directed by Julian Roman Pölsler) Premiere at the International Film Festival Hamburg 

    AUGUST 2013

    Member of the Jury of the 'German Academy of television Prize', category 'music'

    Composition 'Bella Block - Angeklagt', directed by Roman Julian Pölsler

    JUNE 2013

    Selection as a board member of the DFEKOM (German Filmmusic Composers Union)


    APRIL 2013

    Nomination for Gema's Deutscher Musikautorenpreis


    MARCH 2013

    Composition for the film Eliot (30 min., directed by Philippe Reypens), premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

    JANUARY 2013

    Holding a public Filmscoring workshop within the Filmfestival Solothurn


  • 2012


    London Premiere "Wisdom of Changes - Richard Wilhelm and the I Ching", October 14th at 1pm at the Prince Charles Cinema. See the trailer http://wandlungen-i-ging-der-film.com


    Premiere "Tatort-Machtlos" at the 19. International Filmfestival Oldenburg (http://www.filmfest-oldenburg.de/nc/en/programm/archive/detail/?tx_sharpmovies_pi1[detail]=565)


    Scoring the Thriller "Ein starkes Team-Prager Frühling" (directed by Walter Weber, ZDF)


    Scoring the Thriller "Machtlos"  (written and directed by Klaus Krämer, ARD)


    Interview in the "Beziksanzeiger": http://fricktal.info/

  • 2011

    NOVEMBER 2011

    Premiere "Wisdom of Changes - Richard Wilhelm and the I Ching". See the trailer http://wandlungen-i-ging-der-film.com


    Scoring the TV movie "Hunkeler and Ödipus' eyes", directed by Christian von Castelberg


    Suisa Scolarship, workshop with Patrick Doyle.

    Scoring the Christmas fairy tale "Der Eisenhans" (directed by Manuel Siebenmann, TV screening December 24th on ZDF, 5pm).

    MAY 2011

    Award of the Aargauer Kuratorium, Switzerland. Contribution to the artistic accomplishments

    FEBRUARY 2011

    Working on classical compositions (piece for choir, string sextet and fantasia for cello solo)

  • 2010


    Springtime fever wins as "Best German Television Film" (Academy of the Arts, Jury and Student Prize) at the Baden Baden film festival. The film has been nominated also for the "Prix Europa".
    Bella Block- Providence (Script/Director Max Färberböck, Music Christine Aufderhaar) is awarded as best German Television Film at the "Norddeutsches Filmfest" in Lübeck. Participation at Alexandre Desplat's master class in Geneva.
    TV screening of "Spring Time Fever" (written and directed by Petra Volpe), November 17th on 3Sat, 8pm. Voting for the film is possible from Nov. 17th through Nov. 18th by dialing +49 13 74 141 09.


    Autumn Spring Fever (written and directed by Petra Volpe) is the opening film of the "Fünf Seen Filmfestivals 2010" in Starnberg.
    Invitation to a composers panel discussion at the S.O.S. (Sound On Stage) Film Festival in Ludwigsburg.
    Scoring the cinema documentary "Transformation-Richard Wilhelm and the I Ging"


    Scoring the ZDF TV Feature film "A strong Team-Blood Sisters"


    "Bella Block-Providence" (written and directed by Max Färberböck) wins the German Thriller Award at the Wiesbadener Festival. It is the first time that a film wins both the jury and the audience Award.


    Grimme Award Nomination for "Bella Block-Providence" (written and directed by Max Färberböck).

    Invitation to a composers panel discussion at the FIPA (Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels) in Biarritz.


    "Autumn Spring Fever" (written and directed by Petra Volpe) is presented at the 46th Solothurn Film Festival. The film is available also on DVD.

  • 2009


    Premiere of "Autumn Spring Fever" (written and directed by Petra Volpe) in Berlin.

    Christine is invited as member of the jury for the film music prize "Leo" at the international film festival in Braunschweig. Also- performance of "The invention of the Curried Sausage" (written and directed by Ulla Wagner) with following discussion with director Ulla Wagner and composer Christine Aufderhaar.


    Premiere "Bella Block-Providence" (written and directed by Max Färberböck) at the film festival in Hamburg.


    Scoring the Arte documentary "green obsession-the dream of a perfect lawn" (written and directed by Andi Preisner).


    Scoring the TV feature film "Bella Block-Providence" (written and directed by Max Färberböck).


    Scoring the ZDF documentary "Dangerous planet - the exploration of the sun


    Holding a seminary for the line producer of the Swiss Television.


    Scoring the Swiss TV feature film "Autumn Spring Fever" (written and directed by Petra Volpe).

  • 2008


    Scoring the feature film "The invention of the curried Sausage" (written and directed by Ulla Wagner)

    First Prize for Barbara Sukowa for the best actress at the Montreal World Film Festival, where the film was shown in the highly regarded international competition

    Audience Award at the 13th German Festival in Paris

    Nomination for best Music at the Bavarian Film Prize (unfortunately in this year no film music prize is awarded


    Scoring the documentary "Noah's Arch in the eternal Ice" (directed by Friedemann Hottenbacher).


    CD release "Composed in Germany-Christine Aufderhaar" in context of the Berlinale. The CD was released by the film music label "Normal Records" and is part of the film music edition "Composed in Germany", which was initialized by the film magazine "The Film Reporter".

  • 2007


    Scoring the TV feature film "Unprotected Game-a Wurzburg Thriller" (directed by Manuel Siebenmann), which was the pickup of the serial of homeland thrillers.


    Christine is selected as "European Composer 2008" for Switzerland by the members of the "Federation of Film & Audiovisuel Composers of Europe".


    Scoring session with the Wroklaw Score Orchestra in Bratislava. The orchestra is conducted by Joris Bartsch-Buhle, sound engineer is Tobias Lehmann from Tedex Studios. The session is financed through scholarships and awards from UBS Cultural Foundation and the Aargau Curatorship.

    Christine holds a workshop about film music for the Goethe Institution in context of the Hofer Film Festival.